How can you watch all the movies you want to watch online?

How can you watch all the movies you want to watch online?

If you are a movie buff and watch several movies a night, you will want to know all the ways you can watch movies online.

After all, just because you pay for one service, it does not mean you have access to all the movies and TV shows you want to watch. In fact, it can often mean you have to pay for several just to be able to find what you like to watch.

Here are a few ways you can watch movies online, however, so that you have access to just about every movie you could ever possibly want to see.

The paid streaming movie services — There are many paid streaming movie services nowadays, with more being added every year.

Netflix is, of course, the most popular one. Especially once the streaming service became available in most countries on the planet starting in early 2016.

Hulu is also very popular, especially if you like exclusive movies as they also create their own just like Netflix and Amazon, the other big streaming movie service.

Amazon has even more access to movies and TV shows as they allow streaming of just about everything they sell. They also make their own movies.

Watching exclusive movies — If you want to watch movies that are exclusive to one service, you will have to pay for a variety of services.

Amazon makes their own movies, as does Netflix and Hulu, and all of them make movies that you will not be able to watch if you are not signed up to their service.

This can get very expensive, as you could be spending $40 to $50 a month or more just to have access to all the exclusive movies and TV shows that every service puts out.

YouTube — YouTube also has a huge number of free movies to watch. These are movies that have been uploaded by a person with a private account, or that have been uploaded by the people that actually made them.

YouTube also allows you to watch movies for a small payment of between $3 and $5 per movie depending on the age of the movie and who made it and distributed it.

Watching free movies online — The final, and some would say the best way to watch movies are the free movie sites online, for instance gomovies.

These sites are everywhere and have a huge selection of movies to offer.

You can watch movies on sites that have a library of every genre of movie, or you can look for sites that concentrate on just one genre like sci-fi, westerns or horror.

If you want to be able to watch one of millions of movies and TV shows online without paying a high price to do so, then these free streaming movie services are definitely the answer. Especially as they are accessible from all over the world and without you having to register an account or pay a cent to be able to watch movies on them.

What is TubeMate and should you use it for your YouTube video downloads?

If you love to watch videos on YouTube and are looking for a way to download your favorites, someone may have mentioned TubeMate to you as a possible option. If you are not familiar with TubeMate, however, you may not know what it is or how it works.

These quick tips will give you some information about the app itself, as well as help you decide if this is the right one for your YouTube downloading needs.

What is TubeMate?TubeMate app is one of a long list of apps that are available nowadays to help people download their favorite movies, music, documentaries and other YouTube videos currently online.

It is one of the newer apps, so is not as well known as some of the others, but it is already becoming a popular one as it works so well.

Where can you find TubeMate? — The app is available for download on a variety of online app stores. You will find links to each store from the TubeMate website, and it is up to you to download it from the site you think is the best for your needs.

How to download TubeMate? — The program downloads just like any other one. Click on the link you choose and allow the program to download to your phone, tablet or computer.

Once it has downloaded, double click on the file so that they installation screen appears. Follow the instructions for installing it to your device.

How to use TubeMate? — TubeMate is very easy to use as much of the way it works is self-explanatory.

Open the app and navigate to YouTube. Find the video you want to download and click on the download button within the TubeMate app.

A screen will now pop up asking you to choose the resolution you require. Just remember before you choose a high or low resolution, while the higher resolutions download a much clearer video, they do take longer to download. The videos that are in a lower resolution download quickly, but they are not as clear.

Options to convert videos to MP3 files — It is not only videos that you can download using the TubeMate app. You can also download the music from a music video and the app will convert it to an MP3 file.

Once this MP3 file downloads, you can then listen to the music on it just as you would from any MP3 file you bought from Amazon, Apple or any other service that sells music.

Downloading more than one file at a time — People who download videos from YouTube often get bored as they can only download one video at a time. If you have a lot of favorite videos, this can take you days to do.

This is another reason why so many people enjoy using TubeMate, as it has an option to allow you to download multiple videos all at the same time. A perfect function when downloading episodes of a TV series or a series of music videos.

Things to know about Despicable Me 3


Despicable Me was a family-fun classic that caught the attention of the world. Filled with hilarious content and a heart-warming story, kids and adults all over the world loved the film. Despicable Me 2 was a sequel that followed in its predecessor’s footsteps, recreating the lighthearted and comedic tone with a new touching story. Now comes Despicable Me 3, recreating the successful formula that has kept the other two movies alive.


Despicable Me follows a tale of a man, named Gru, who, through his career as a villain, encounters and adopts three young girls. As a series of hilarious events and fun adventures occur, these girls change Gru from the despicable villain he once was to a loving and caring father. Despicable Me 2 looks to expand Gru’s family with the introduction of his love interest, Lucy Wilde. The two hook up at the end of the movie, furthering Gru’s family and ending his career of villainy and starting one as an agent against villains.

Despicable Me 3’s Plot:

First, check the trailer:

Looking to continue the idea of expanding Gru’s family, Despicable Me 3 follows Gru’s reunion with his long-lost twin brother, Dru. Separated at birth, the two brother are reunited after Gru was fired from his career as an agent against villains. Attempting to convince his brother to return back into the life of villainy, the two set off secretly to reignite his adventures as a villain.

What is New:

In Despicable Me 3, the story twists on the idea of expanding Gru’s family. In the previous films, Gru adopted three girls and married Lucy Wild. All of these character have positively impacted Gru’s life and led him from his previous life. However, Despicable Me 3 introduces a blood relative of Gru’s that, ironically, negatively influences Gru into his old self.

What is Returning:

The idea of keeping his villainy a secret from his family was a strong plot in the first Despicable Me and is now returning in the new movie. The back and forth conflict between Gru and his kids were primarily due to him keeping his job a secret from his daughter. We did not get much of this in the second movie but it seems to be making a return in the third movie. Now, with the expansion of Lucy, there is much more territory for this plot to grow. Check out the despicable me 3 full movie right now!

The Minions:

Lastly but not least, the most adored characters in the series has to be the Minions. Making their debut in the first movie, these lovable creatures are the servants of Gru. After the amount of attention these creatures got, Universal Studios decided to give them their own movie. Making a return in Despicable Me 3, the minions also seem to have turned to a villainous life style and somehow landed in jail. Taking control of the prison, these creatures seem to have found themselves in a bit of a predicament and will have to find a way out and back to Gru.


Despicable Me 3 will be a movie for all to enjoy and it will remain faithful to its previous movies with a little twist to keep it interesting.

Paid Streaming Or Free Streaming?

Streaming movies and TV shows over the internet has become incredibly popular in the recent times. High-speed internet coupled with affordable streaming services have made it easier than ever to watch your favorite movie or a TV show episode. There are a ton of streaming services to choose from when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows. Many popular services such as Netflix and Hulu offer monthly subscriptions. However, some websites offer free content streaming services. So, the question is why you should pay for a service like Netflix if you can watch the same content for free on a website?

Well, the answer to this question is not as simple as one might think. While some legitimate streaming sites such as Crackle offer free licensed content, most of the free sites do not. Most of the websites that offer to a stream of movies and TV shows do so by blatantly disregarding copyright laws. Although it is not ‘illegal’ to stream content per se, it does cross a moral and an ethical line. These so-called free streaming sites essentially break copyright laws, and by consuming content from these sites, you contribute to it as well. Getting free stuff is awesome, don’t get me wrong. However, there are some things that you should consider before you stream from a random ‘free’ website.

Free streaming sites can be unsafe

One of the most important things to consider if you want to watch movies online free is security. As there is no control over these websites, they can easily mask a virus and get your system infected. Some websites also cloak some shady software as being essential and force you to download them.

On the other hand, paid services such as Hulu or Netflix have trusted websites that implement state-of-the-art cyber security technologies. You can rest assured that no virus or bloatware is going to infect your PC using these services.

The quality of the content

Another issue with the ‘so-called’ free movies streaming sites (putlocker being an example) is the quality. More often than not, these website videos are not High Definition that you can enjoy on a great screen. The content is often old and outdated and lacks freshness. Although some sites such as Crackle do an excellent job of providing the best video quality, the selection is very limited.

Paid services such as Netflix and Hulu have an insane amount of content that seems to grow with each passing day! You can watch a ton of classic and contemporary content in the best HD quality available.

Unfair to the creators

Content creators do an incredible job to provide you with the best. If you chose to stream content from a ‘free’ website, chances are, the content is not licensed. By streaming this content, you are enabling the thieves and snubbing the creators. Imagine if someone does this to you. It wouldn’t be a pleasant experience, now would it?!

Paid streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu ensure that their content is licensed and the creators get their fair share of the revenue. At a relatively small price, you can contribute to the creative process as well.

Several of the ‘so-called’ free websites offer content that is not licensed properly. Stick to the sites that provide free but silenced content like Crackle or YouTube. Paying for services such as Netflix or Hulu isn’t that bad either. You get a great selection of TV shows and Movies in impressive HD quality. Plus, you will be consuming the media in a way that is fair to you as a consumer and to the creators as well!