Teach Your Children About Life With Interactive and Fun Games For Kids

Teaching with the help of interactive games is a good way to capture your children’s attention. As the name suggests, interactive games make children more active participants. They’ll get to learn a lot academically while simply following instructions or guidelines. Moreover, they help children effectively deal with emotions at a very young age.

Here are some of the interactive games that you should try:

Hi Teddy, Let’s Play Dice

Hi Teddy, Let’s Play Dice is a perfect way to introduce young children to dice games. This will let them learn counting dots on the die. In addition, children will get to recognize patterns on the die by letting them look for matching patterns on the adorable teddy bears.

One Dot at a Time

This is perfect for young children who are still in the process of learning pencil control and honing their counting skills. One Dot at a Time includes several funny figures that would surely catch the keen eyes of your children. Pictures include animals, plants, beautiful places, and more.

Explore the Milky Way

This game introduces the heavenly bodies that make up our very beautiful galaxy called Milky Way. They’ll soon learn what a moon, meteor, or planet is. Surely, they’ll appreciate the beauty of the outside world at a very young age.

Cards Express

This card game reinforces numbers and colors, thus children will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills in terms of recognizing patterns. This will likewise help them understand the relationship between numbers and objects so they’ll soon be good at mathematics. Moreover, they’ll be able to develop their logical and reasoning skills in the process.


No matter what the pattern that your children are playing, their memory and listening skills are certainly going to be tested. They’ll likewise be able to hone their skills in visualizing shapes, letters, and numbers.

Doggy, Doggy, Where are You?

This fun game is designed to uncover the whereabouts of the dog. It entails players to take turns in drawing illustrated boards that have “Yes” or “No” questions. Even if your little ones don’t know how to read yet, they can figure things out from illustrations. This will, therefore, hone their decoding strategies.


This classic domino game is another fun way for kids to sharpen their ability to spot patterns in order to match a variety of things. This also improves critical thinking and tests strategy skills of children without getting them intimidated in the process.

Build My Busy Town

The goal of the game is to create a wonderful city that’s perfect for everybody to live in. It should contain all the basic needs for the city to progress such as factories, stores, etc. At a young age, your children’s decision-making skills will surely be put to a test.

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